Brewdog Animations

Written By Tim Lane

Alcohol-Free Beer

In spirit of 'Dry-January', I directed an animation for Brewdog. The 60 second video tells the history of alcohol-free beer, using kinetic type and playing with the idea of BrewDog being the first brewery to make alcohol-free beer that actually tastes good. All with a very BrewDog-type attitude. Alcohol-Free beer is becoming much more popular than it has in the past, so we wanted an animation that would appeal to drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

Click here to read the interview I did with Creative Boom about this animation.

Creative Direction: Tim Lane
Animation: Liam Curzai and Ryan Knight
CGI Cans: Jamain Gordon

Black Heart

For the launch of Brewdog's first headliner stout, I directed this animation playing with the beer's tag-line: It wasn't made in 1759. What if it's better?

I imagined some scenarios which could show what it would be like if we hadn't progressed since 1759, such as the food we eat and the toilets we use. This presented the idea that Black Heart is new, modern and fresh, as opposed to the other famous stout we all know. We supported this visually by using beautiful pouring shots of the beer as well as creating the can and glass in cgi.

Creative Direction: Tim Lane
Animation: Sian Butcher
CGI Can & Glass: Jamain Gordon

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