Terry Pratchett's Discworld In Audio

Written By Tim Lane


The largest project Penguin Random House's audio division have ever produced, all 40 books from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series were recorded with a line up including Bill Nighy, Sian Clifford, Colin Morgan, Indira Varma, Peter Serafinowicz and Andy Serkis.

It was the largest campaign my Penguin Creative team had ever worked on and it was exciting to lead the creative direction on this project: campaign creative, photography, video production, design and production coordination. As well as the social, print and out-of-home assets, we also produced a documentary on the making of the audiobooks for our YouTube channel.

Creative Direction: Tim Lane
Production Coordinator: Jenna Sandford


Senior Staff Photographer: Stuart Simpson
Assistant Staff Photographer: Desiree Adams
Styling: Steph Kelly

YouTube Documentary

Senior Video Producer: Oisin Bickley
Video Producer: John Trevaskis


Each narrator was shot in a colour corresponding with their book and/or character. We also tailored each narrator in that colour with symbolic "Easter eggs" that Discworld fans would be excited to find.

↑ The cast included Bill Nighy, Sian Clifford, Andy Serkis, Indira Varma, Peter Serafinowicz and Colin Morgan

The Documentary

We produced a documentary on the making of the Discworld series in audio, with interviews from all the cast and audio production team. The video had 60,000 views on YouTube within its first week of release.

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