Illustration: In-House and Commissioned


When working with Lane + Co Design, there is an option to use us to illustrate internally or use use to find the perfect illustrator to suit the brief. We have a vast network of illustrators from all over the world and decades of experience in art direction for commercial or editorial briefs. Below are just som examples of illustrations by Tim Lane, followed by illustrations we have commissioned and art directed by other illustrators.

Illustrations by Tim Lane

Tim's style of illustration in usually photo-montage based and tends to deal with news and politics as a theme. Tim has illustrated numerous news article in both print and online, for a variety of publications.

Police Are Struggling To Cope With An Avalanche Of Digital Evidence by Patrick Smith and Shell Shocks by James Ball

This Is What It's Like To Be Wrongly Accused Of Being A Paedophile Because Of A Typo By Police by Matt Champion

↑ Two illustrations for BuzzFeed News at the end of Theresa May's time as PM

Dead Man Walking by Heidi Blake

Revealed: Britain's Biggest Local TV Company Has “Gamed” The BBC and The #MeToo Era Is Happening In South Korea Whether It’s Ready For It Or Not by Rachael Krishna

Illustrations we have art directed

We have decades of experience art directing illustrators in an in-house or freelance capacity. Be in vector, photo-montage, hand draw, cgi or cartoon, we can find the perfect illustrator to fulfil the brief and use our experience in art direction to produce the best quality work.

Below are just some examples of where we have art directed an illustrator for editorial or commercial purposes.

Everyone Needs To Start Rearranging Their Bedroom. Illustrated by Tobatron

The Type Of Person I’ll Definitely Be Once I Buy This New Notebook. Illustrated by Dan Woodger. A series of illustrations by Michelle Pereira for Penguin's 2019 Summer series of content

The recipe for a bestselling cookbook. Illustrated by Flynn Shore

How I Fell In Love With Love Stories. Illustrated by Sam Taylor. 27 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To. Illustration by Toby Leigh

↑ A series of illustrations by Bianca Bagnarelli for essays on the theme of Hope In Hard Times

↑ BuzzFeed News Investigation. Illustration by Sian Butcher. How to deal with your mobile while reading. Illustration by Ryan MaCeachern

↑ Series of Audiobook illustrations for Penguin Books by Alexandra Francis

St Thomas' Hospital In the 60s by Hannah Al-Othman. Illustration by Alessandra Genualdo Kingsford. The best books to explore how nature benefits our mental health by Alicia Fernandes

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