BuzzFeed Re-design

Written by Tim Lane


The redesign of BuzzFeed UK centred around the two major sections of BuzzFeed editorial: BuzzFeed News and BuzzFeed Entertainment. While keeping the visual virtues BuzzFeed was known for: colourful, irreverent, impactful, the new direction became more considered, using some of the best editorial illustrators and photographers in the world, with a refined template of fonts and colours.

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BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed News launched with a new news division that included some of the most decorated journalists and editors in the world. The new direction had to keep the spirit of BuzzFeed while also presenting a visual quality to rival other news publishers such as The New York Times and The Guardian. We achieved this using an in-house team of illustrators, animators and photographers, as well developers for custom code - Nigel Farage's interactive comic being an example.

↑ Just some of the illustrated news features we created for BuzzFeed News

↑ Designed and illustrated by Tim Lane, From Russia With Blood by Heidi Blake was a Pulitzer Prize Finalist

↑ As well as our in-house photographer, we used some of the best news photographers in the world

↑ Just two examples of gifs Tim Lane designed for BuzzFeed News articles

BuzzFeed Entertainment

As well as building two new in house studios for photography and film, we also raised the standards of our original portrait photography to not only match but better our printed rivals. The access we had to famous talent at BuzzFeed would rival any high-end magazine, so we made our portrait photography of that standard.

↑ Just some of the features we shot/designed for BuzzFeed Entertainment features

↑ After photographing Noel, we used a cgi artist to melt his head for the new Bake Off series

The logo

The new logo had to work across at least 8 different platforms, in square and circle, animated and static. I returned the colour to BuzzFeed Red and refreshed the typography, creating the U and K from the famous BuzzFeed arrow.

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