Portrait Photography: Creative Direction + Production


We have over 20 years of experience in Creative/Art Direction and production, photographing talent from film + TV, music, politics and beyond. We have an unrivalled network of photographers and can create assets for key art, advertising campaigns, book and magazine covers and so on.

↑ Kendrick Lamar by David Venni. Shon Faye by Stuart Simpson

Kit Harrington by Chris Bethell

↑ Ray Winstone by Levon Bliss. Paris Lees by Stuart Simpson

↑ Francis Bourgeois by Stuart Simpson

↑ Yannis Philippakis. Zendaya by Laura Gallant

↑ Dolly Alderton by Stuart Simpson

↑ George Mackay by Dean Chalkley and Emma Dabiri by Stuart Simpson

↑ James Mcavoy by Laura Gallant

↑ Slaves by Derrik Santini. Tony Blair by Laura Gallant

↑ Ai Weiwei by Stuart Simpson

↑ Ant & Dec by Laura Gallant. Olivia Gatwood by Stuart Simpson

↑ Jade LB and Sathnam Sanghera by Stuart Simpson

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